Hey! I'm Sarthak.

A curious product designer with a passion to craft experiences for real world impact.

Also, an avid side project enthusiast

Currently designing experiences at Cleartrip

Projects at Cleartrip

  • Designed interfaces across different products like Customer Experience(CX), Hotels and Activities
  • Contributed to the Bento Design system and shipped UI components in React
  • Took initiative and shipped a side project in collaboration with Marketing team
  • Worked on experimental ideas and presented prototypes to senior leadership

Designing a new way to present location information on Hotel Details page

Helping our customers build context of the area in which the hotel is located 

Designed for Desktop

Revamping Support page to assist users with their trips

Coming soon. Stay tuned.

Projects in Design school

  • Studied design at The New Digital School in Porto, Portugal
  • Learned a lot from hands-on project based curriculum with masterclasses from experienced design professionals like Vitaly Friedman, Stephanie Troeth and many others
  • Worked with some amazing startups and companies like Hostelworld, Tonic App and LabOrders

Side projects and tinkering

I love working on side projects because they are small(small is beautiful, right?) and are fun to experiment and tinker with. After all, you learn a lot by building things, even if they are scrappy and imperfect because done is better than perfect.

Hey it's me, again!

Great! Now you might know a bit more about me than before or you just scrolled to the end

Either way, you can reach out to me at sarthakveggalam@gmail.com

Here's my Resume